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Do you think there is a correlation between type and divorce?

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Do you think there is a correlation between type and divorce? I could see there being one... with certain types being at least slightly more likely. But yet, it would also depend on the type they are married to as well.
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I think it would matter what kind of N or T, etc. Also compatibility could also depend on where each individual is at in their development and use of less dominant functions.

Also, I am an ENFP. I love growth and am inspired by change. It is very hard for me to want a long term relationship with another NF. I get rather bored. I have had relationships with other NFs, but they did not have the depth or spark that I've had with an SP or NT.

Also, my most recent ex is an ESFJ. He gets very jumpy in relationships. His "traditional" values allowed him to divorce three times. I know he had an affair on his second wife. After his 3rd divorce, he then lived with a 4th woman for 3 years and then he broke it off with her. He literally just took off one day just because she called him a "pussy". Then he met me. He bailed after a baby scare. So much for SJs and commitment.
I would like to submit that maturity matters most of all in romance, and by maturity I mean selflessness. An immature SJ may have more problems in a relationship than someone of a stereotypically flighty or critical temperament who is highly motivated to remain committed. I think that romantic relationships are a crucible in which temperament is refined...there is a feeling that we "shouldn't have to change," but we all start life in a pretty selfish state, regardless of temperament.
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