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Do you think there is a correlation between type and divorce?

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Do you think there is a correlation between type and divorce? I could see there being one... with certain types being at least slightly more likely. But yet, it would also depend on the type they are married to as well.
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I was married for 13 years. It took me years to finally get married and when I did... it never seemed quite right. I felt like I was alone in my thoughts most of the time. I felt like I was trying to go along with the "fun", even tho I felt it was uninteresting and shallow. At first, I thought it was fun to be with an ESFP. He was lighthearted - unselfconscious - lived for the moment. It was such a different outlook on lilfe that I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame!! Unfortunately, when "life" came into focus - I mean daily life, babies, bills, meals, priorities, responsibilities.... I was all alone. Very very alone. I had the weight of the world on myself and any time I wanted to talk about things, or try to plan things, I was made to feel like a "stick in the mud" - like a prude with standards. It was an aweful time in my life. I knew that every time I tried to make myself understood it was like planting a rose in a sandlot; there was nothing inherent to the environment of the soul I was speaking to that would ever allow it to take root and blossom. I gave up a year ago. We had two kids who I have guarded with my life against anything negative, and here I submitted them to a divorce.... What I know now, without a doubt, is that I am so much happier that I can't even explain it. I feel like a real person again. My daughter has stopped feeling anxious, my son has commented on how "peaceful" our new home feels when we walk in at the end of the day.... I will never forgive myself for making such a selfish decision to marry the wrong person in the first place however - and i do NOT blame him for who he is - I am absolutely positive that he will be happier too, when he finds the right match somewhere along the line.
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