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Do you view the world & yourself through the eyes of others?

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I – like most of you I believe – have a strong sensitivity to the opinions and feelings others hold, but I'm especially sensitive to the ones I feel they hold about me.

As a result, I strive, occasionally to my disadvantage, to maintain a positive image in the eyes of others - often viewing myself through their eyes. Though I’ve learned to recognize when I do this and thus have some degree of control over it, I still can't help this tendency. Most often it works as something positive. However, sometimes it is also a source of great irritation; there are times when I just want to see the world through my eyes not theirs. But, alas, I must also see through the eyes of others'.

Do any of you also find you do this often?
If so, how do you feel about it?
Have you learned to recognize it?
Have you learned anything from it?

I’m curious to see if this is common among INFPs.

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Looking through others' eyes always helps me greatly in understanding them. In fact, it's probably the one method that works best for me when trying to understand people.

I don't think I've ever looked at myself, though, through others' eyes. I guess I don't really care what people think of me.
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That's what you think. ;) Man is a social animal. And unless you live alone in the desert - you care about what others think of you. Otherwise you'd be in a fight pretty much every time you'd meet another person.

I hate when people write statements like these because they are a lie.

I probably put to much emphasis on the very last part of your post. Anyway it had to be said.
I suppose I could reply to this post with a statement like, "No, I really don't care. Why do you think I'm lying?", but then that would be me caring, right?
Ok, maybe I do care what certain people think of me in certain situations. Perhaps my justification of why I don't look at myself through the eyes of others is wrong. As for why I don't look at myself through the eyes of others, I don't really know. The thought of doing that has never crossed my mind. As for why it has never crossed my mind, I'd say it was because I didn't care, but then I do, right?:confused:
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