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NTJ Career Network

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After a short but productive talking it over in the ENTJ meet-up topic, we found ourselves overwhelmed by our unique talents, nationalities and beautiful faces. We want to connect ENTJs, and eventually other NTs, competences and make magic.

After talking it over a bit, we decided to form a group at Facebook called NTJ Career Network. Now, you may wonder what our goal is.

Our goal is to form a small network where we will be able to combine our different areas of experience and create something we otherwise couldn't have on our own.

How do you join the group?
It's simple. Just click the link at the top. It should send you directly to our Facebook group and you can just apply and you'll be good to go.

What do I do next?
You introduce yourself to our group and give a short summary of your abilities and how you can contribute to the group.

We plan on expanding this network's target group and improving it's functions so that it will be much more effective.

NTJ Career Network is a career driven, competence-focused social networking group that aspires to create business and intellectual relations between members on an international level.

Our niche is that we are a conglomerate of ambitious and aspiring like minded individuals who all belong to the group of rationals according to the MBTI.
With similar views of the world we can better understand each other and aim our efforts to rise up above our peers and achieve what ever our mind can put forth.
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