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Does anyone else hate being erratic?

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I like that I'm constantly changing - it makes me fun and interesting - but I can't seem to stick with anything.

F.e. if I want to be promoted at work, I'll decide to work harder and get super motivated and do everything amazing for a bit. But then I'll fall back on my old tendencies of socializing instead of working.

It's like an extremes thing. I'll go really hard and then not at all.

Anyone else feel this way?
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YES!! I drives me nuts. I really wish I could stick with things I start.
yeah, i spend alot of time trying to get a measure of consistantcy out of myself, but half of things i don't even feel strongly about so i'm often swayed back and forth!
Bursts of genius and flashes of extreme level productivity seem to be common to all the ENFPs I know. Myself included.
Oh yeah pretty much heh. I always get done what I need to get done though. It's only a question of how much extra ish I'm doing.
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