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Does Anyone here play guitar?

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If so how are you approaching this skill or hobby?
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I'm glad you asked this question, because I'm buying a guitar at the end of the month.

I had one, but sold it a few years ago. I miss it.

I was self-taught but wasn't very good.

Curious to see what kinds of ideas are posted here...
I'm actually taking a Guitar 1 class right now. I have a really cool Ibanez thin body acoustic. As for how I approach the hobby, I'm trying to get a good understanding of the basics before I move on to more complicated stuff.
I do!

I've been playing off and on for about a year (and a half), and I'll go ahead and tell you how I approach it currently, how I approached it initially and what I think is the best way to go about learning this cool instrument all on your lonesome.

How I used to practice and why it didn't work:
So, I have a lot of hobbies, and the list is ever growing. More often than not, theses hobbies revolve around intellectual skill, usually mixed with some form of artistic expression. Guitar only really fits half of this bill. It is an artistic thingy, but it's a motor skill rather than an intellectual one.

Playing the guitar is more like riding a bike than messing around with a broken clothes drier. Rather than hefty intellectual thought, it requires hours of repetitive practice. Initially, I approached this practice as a thing on it's own, and tried to intellectualize the instrument at the same time. This didn't work. Constantly trying to memorize new things about the instrument and sitting down to rigorous practice everyday took the joy right out of it for me.

I ended up setting the guitar down for some time because of this method of practice.

What I currently do:
Now, I essentially just go with the flow. Half of the time, my "practice" revolves around simple experimentation. When I hit a roadblock with this I do some legitimate, technical "practice" by doing the following:

Pick up laptop

Turn on TV show

Pick up guitar

Mute guitar strings (or not, if you feel like pissing off your roommates/neighbors)

Practice whatever I need to practice while mindlessly watching TV.

Seriously. It's that easy. Just occasionally check to see if you're doing it right, and, eventually, muscle memory will take over. Your desire for experimentation will eventually lead to technical prowess, because, to properly experiment with any instrument, you have to be able to play it up and down.

Tips for a good practice session/tips for maintaining your playing ability:

1. Don't fuck up your technique! Especially when just starting out. If you mess up your technique it could take weeks or even a month or two to set it straight. Muscle memory can be very hard to reprogram.

2. Don't schedule! Seriously, as an INTP (I assume you guys have a similar disdain for scheduling), don't schedule. It'll just drain the fun out of it. Instead of scheduling, just do the above practice that I mentioned; mindlessly drilling in front of a TV.

3. Do sweat the small stuff! Back to technique, something as small as your thumb position can seriously mess up your ability to play. Barre chords can be a serious issue if you don't position your finger right.

4. Start slow! Again, technique, muscle memory, etc. I suggest getting a metronome or something similar to establish a sense of rhythm.

5. Watch Youtube videos (I'll post some cool channels at the bottom), learn tabs to your favorite movie/videogame soundtracks, try to figure out challenging chords, and, overall, just enjoy the hobby.

Oh, and, don't be afraid to set it down if you get frustrated. I did, and the fact that I have a guitar just floating around encourages me to always pick it back up.

Cool websites/channels/tabs:

Justin Guitar | Free Guitar Lessons (seriously excellent website) (there are guitar videos somewhere in there)

Morrowind Theme Tab (ver 3) by Misc Computer Games @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com (the version in the comments is much easier and fun to play for a beginner)

Oh, also, get a tuner. Seriously, they run at what, 12 dollars? Really, do it.

This is all assuming that you're a beginner. If you aren't, whatever, here's hoping that someone finds this useful.
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First time to make contact with INTP guitarists lol.

I have been playing for four years, I picked up really quick to be honest learning most major chords at the first week.

I am just curious how quick other INTPs learn, I am a very quick learner, and get bored with easy tasks, but the guitar has been a great and long lasting challenge as there is always something new to learn.

Trust me for other INTPs guitar is a great hobby for us, and it is well worth it in the long run. Anyway anyone here shred?
I've been playing for ages, but never with any regularity. I'm challenging myself now to bring my game up a notch, as "good enough" just isn't cutting it any more. Here's a little girl playing the piece I'm working on. I get the song and have the right and left hand down, it's just now a matter of speed. The song starts at 52 seconds.

I've been playing since seventh grade, though not so much now that I'm in college. I always treated it like a hobby, spending a lot of time noodling while doing other things, and not so much time doing technical exercises. The results, as you might expect, are mixed. I certainly became very proficient with most types of chords, and very fast at certain scales, though not quite as well rounded as I might have hoped. If you're the kind of person who can really sink into an activity and give it a lot of time without requiring big short term rewards, then plug away at technical exercises. But if you aren't, have fun with it, because progress is generally pretty slow when learning an instrument, and even dedicated players won't see huge rewards in the first year.
Yes I agree, it really depends on how devoted you are to the instrument. But I live in an environment filled with other guitarists and other musicians (my school). And am going to keep my rank number one at guitar no matter what, friendly competition, and I am in a band and it requires being creative. I the first real reward is when you can finally improvise and play along any song you want. The biggest one is when you can finally shred and play hard songs. But this requires dedication. But I've had ups and downs.

What do you noodle on?
Is she Chinese? Seriously, what is it with Chinese kids that they can do these challenging things a such a young age. I wonder what personality type dominates their country.
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I did somewhat in 7/8th grade. It wasn't much though.
Yeah, on and off for a few years now. I sometimes dream of becoming great at it. But I never practise, and I know I should. What bothers me most is that I seem to stop *thinking* while I play, and it becomes sorta automated or something, I'm not fully conscious regarding what I'm about to play.

I guess this guy has a really healthy approach to playing, and if I had to name the best guitarist he'd probably be my choice. (I know, there is no *best*, but this guy knows *everything* there is to know).

EDIT: While we're at it, could someone help me type Allan Holdsworth? I believe he might me INTx.
Is she Chinese? Seriously, what is it with Chinese kids that they can do these challenging things a such a young age. I wonder what personality type dominates their country.
Her name is given in the introduction, and it's written in Korean.
Gutherie Govan, I would not disagree, he is regarded as the most complete guitarist today, and yes he is, and I think its not wrong to say he probably is the best guitarist out there atm, best technique, very clean, and he has mastery in almost all genre, and besides all that he is willing to pass on the knowledge he has gained.

I dont think when I play either, and I find it weird and scary at times, I am really obsessed on guitar playing lol, hopefully I become great enough.
Ahh korean, their all the same species of humans anyway.
It's something I always wanted to do. I picked it up kinda serious at 30 (I'm 36 now). I played bass with a band for 2ish years.

I'm really not that good at it, but good enough I guess. Lately, I've discovered Rocksmith and it's helped a lot in filling in some of the holes in my self-taught, practice-despising skills.

I've always enjoyed playing music, but I never liked putting the time into practicing to where I could get good at it. 4 years of piano lessons when I was a kid left me only mediocre at the piano even. Rocksmith makes games out of practicing and you get to learn to play actual songs on a real guitar too, which is a bonus.
for fun
Gutherie Govan, I would not disagree, he is regarded as the most complete guitarist today, and yes he is, and I think its not wrong to say he probably is the best guitarist out there atm, best technique, very clean, and he has mastery in almost all genre, and besides all that he is willing to pass on the knowledge he has gained.
Exactly. And on top of all of that, every time he speaks, you can hear how humble and a nice person he is. He's been in my town 3 years ago or something, I wish I knew about him back then. If he ever comes back, I won't miss the opportunity to meet him.

I also love Paul Gilbert's attitude too.
Yeah I play, but I'm not that great.

I'm self taught and practice off and on. Although I really didn't become decent with it until I started singing along... that really helped me stop thinking about the mechanics and just play. Playing with other people has helped too. But since I've never taken it very seriously, I don't know anything about the structure of the frets or music theory.. so I feel pretty limited there. I consider taking lessons every now and again.
Yeah lessons would be great, but seek a well experienced teacher, my teacher never taught me anything vital which was annoying.

Yeah Gutherie Govan is humble, man his voice lol!!! my sister thinks it's sexy...
Now I wish I had a voice like that.
I am a guitar teacher :)
I play guitar, piano and e-bass for a living!
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