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I should be a Te user, yes? But, i have a funny logarithmic reaction to blame, let's try to set this in? XD

- I don't take well accusation (even if justified!) for little errors, when things start to be a little stressful. Yes, i can accept it if i stop to think on for a split second, but my very first reaction is 'no, I don't do stupid errors like these'.
-Then, with stress increasing, and/or deadlines approaching, or 'true' errors showing I can admit them without any problem: is something as 'I have to fit this and not waste my energies on rejection'. Withpout thinking.
-If a simple stressful situation becomes a bad mess or a tragedy, then i take all the blame, for MY errors or other's. This, also, only as a first reaction.

If the errors have not practical (bad) consequences, out of making me seem an idiot, i can admit them ad forget them in the same istant: this is the 'zero' of the fault axis...

Um, no, perhaps is more of a gaussian-shaped pattern of fault/maturity, with a middle value (after the split second of thought XD) little below the top?
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