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I have seen/heard that on the Big 5 personality traits, openness to experience generally correlates with intelligence. This concerns me because I've read that typically people who experiment with drugs are more "open to experience" and therefore are more intelligent.

The reason this concerns me is because I'm totally scared of drugs and alcohol. I'm 20 and never touched either that hasn't been prescribed to me by a doctor. I have anxiety about it and people who HAVE experimented with drugs say that my anxiety is a sign I should stay away, as it could turn trips or whatever hellish. I've never been offered illegal drugs (and only offered alcohol once, by my girlfriend but I suspected it would react badly with my medications) and even if someone offered me marijuana I wouldn't do it because it scares me.

Partially the fear comes from the fact that I have two psychiatric diagnoses, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Depression with psychotic features. Psychosis doesn't seem to mix well with drugs. Then there's also my medications, I'm on several antipsychotics and antidepressants. However, the VAST MAJORITY of my fear, probably 70 to 80% of it, I have no idea where it comes from.

I don't know. Does the fact that I'm 20 but never tried drugs or alcohol mean I'm less intelligent?
Openness to experience means healthy ones, and not just "one" experience nor a currently popular one as smoking pot has become, and doing acid has been in with some for a long time.

So, openness is about curiosity, e.g. are you curious about other people's culture; will you do something spontaneous you've never tried--doesn't have to be hang gliding; do you read a lot about subjects you never considered before; how about visiting places if you can afford it, outside your usual haunts?

A lot of us who are introverted do, indeed, having sensitive nervous systems, and it may not be a great idea to muck with that. I know my own mind goes to some funky places on its own so I've never taken acid; I hated pot; and I don't get drunk:

I also score above average for openness because, you know, I've eaten ants for the heck of it, gone outside in my undies, sang in public because I was happy, comforted strangers, and made it to the top of organizations even though others said I couldn't. I've done a heck of a lot in my life including experiments because they interested me:

I pay attention, got to see June bugs mating in mid-air then fall to the ground to rest for 10 minutes before having the energy to fly away in opposite directions. I also bird watched one day--not unusual--for eight hours and watched a grackle eat an entire sparrow though books I had read by experts stated grackles only eat sparrow's brains.


Go out and rent Harold & Maude. Great book, great play, great film:

Then take the test again. Maybe you'll score a tad higher after that, no need to alter your consciousness with drugs.

And meditate:

That takes you deeper into your mind if you stick it out; again, no need for outside stimulants.

Up, up and away with you, young man. There's things to see, do, try on: Go to it! (⊙.⊙(☉̃ₒ☉)⊙.⊙)
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