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Does your Fe make you stronger?

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It seems to get you to be more open, be more admired and generally a better respected person. I feel stronger in that I'm making better decisions and people will like/agree with me more.

So, do you feel stronger or a better person when you let your Fe work a lot or do you feel weaker or like a push over?
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It's very odd. Around some people I am *something*. I interact with them as an equal, or even sometimes, I can tell they perceive me as something more.

Around other people, they couldn't give a crap about me. This seems to be normal guys that don't like me. Guys who like to party, screw various women, and repeat. I can't say that I like them either, but something about our personality dynamic is oil and water.

What sucks is that I tend to only meet those kind of guys and have trouble forming any friendships as a result. I'm just generally cold too, that's part of it.

How does an INFJ end up so cold?

My Fe seems to give me no benefit because I only bring it out around friends, not in social gatherings.
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