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(If you're a *TRIGGERED* Liberal, please don't read this unless you're ready to get mad. Also, exclude any typos.. It's early and I'm tired.)

For the past several months, I've been hearing and seeing a lot of Liberals outraged about what Donald Trump had stated concerning *illegal* immigrants and Muslims. Somehow, Trump wanting to build a wall between us and Mexico has sparked rumors of racism, extending to African Americans and other races of people, now. I'm confused. I don't recall Donald Trump ever saying anything about shipping African-Americans/blacks back to Africa at all. So, I'm trying to figure out why everyone's acting like it's absolutely credible to call him a racist?

..And why is there such an outrage about him wanting to deport ILLEGAL immigrants? I just think this is the most ridiculous society, ever and perhaps if I was born 50,000 years into the future, we'd be past all of the stupidity. Why are people freaking upset that Trump wants to deport people who BROKE THE LAW? I'm trying to figure something out... A lot of people are sitting in jail for smoking weed, a drug the Earth is capable of producing to help people medically and to calm down.. and chill out.. YET -- These folks who break our laws and illegally jump our borders get a free pass to take our jobs away and break the law. Why the freak are people so butthurt over ILLEGALS being deported? This is such a stupid freaking society. Sheesh.

Oh.. and about the Muslim thing.. For the past several years, we've been battling so-called "Islamic Extremists." -- Donald Trump is not saying to put a temporary ban on Muslims from coming into the country to be a racist prick. Clearly, he's doing that because the media, government, and everywhere else keeps reporting that it's Muslims bombing, shooting, and etc places up in the name of ISIS. (..Or ISIL as Obama likes to put it.) .. So, I'm trying to figure out why it's SO freaking hard for people to understand WHY he would think to do this. I'd like to get all of these crybaby Liberals out here who are whining that Trump is a racist and see how they'd stop ISIS and keep Islamic terrorism out of this damn country.

Sure, there is racism in America but what a lot of people who complain about it fail to mention is that it is heavy on BOTH SIDES. (white and black..) They only want to show you the part where the "white people" are posting Anti-black things but blacks are also doing the same exact thing and sometimes without provocation. So, I'm trying to figure out what type of valid argument these Liberals have. I know the truth hurts but the bottom-line is, racists don't have to like or love another race. If they dislike your skin color, that is their preference. I always say to never argue an opinion that is floating in thin air and racism is one of them. We don't need racists running the country, having jobs as policemen, or any other type of job that heavily serves the public because they could use it against the race they hate. However, racism is a right. The hardcore truth via a deep analytical mind, is hard to swallow for most people on Earth but you can't erase it. I think hating someone for their skin color, alone is stupid. I can understand if someone says they dislike the majority of a certain race they've met.. but if someone is a racist, that's their prerogative. Racism isn't something that can be debated away that easily. It's a complex subject... It's based on viewpoints, beliefs, and perspectives. Things based on those are always a waste of time to argue about with me.. especially because in the end, everyone ends up a hypocrite, anyways.

Oh yeah!.. That's right.. the Electoral College votes. They already started a petition that has over 4 million signatures to try to bully and intimidate the Electoral College to change its votes to Hillary. These losers weren't passing around a petition when their tainted candidate, Hillary Clinton won all of the Superdelegates, so I'm trying to figure something else out. All of a sudden, you want Democracy to end because you didn't get your way again? That's all they do. That's all it's been...ever since the Trayvon Martin thing, where evidence was clearly against them, they've been marching and tearing up cities, demanding a "change" or real justice. You know what justice to them is?.. Justice to them is getting everything they want. I find it funny how BEFORE the election a lot of Democrats were saying, "It's time for us to come together.. I'm so excited about this election! We've got to come together as Americans." -- They said all of that because they were at ease, assuming Hillary was going to win but life has a sense of humor and boy did it show that night!. (LOL).. Then afterwards, they were all crying, calling for Trump's assassination, calling for recounts and etc..

I am beyond tired of the hypocrisy from Democrats. I wanted Bernie Sanders to win. I do think he would've beaten Trump but instead the DNC pushed the media and paid others to support Hillary and it all backfired. Now, they must swallow their fate and stop crying like a bunch of babies. I haven't researched enough about this yet but I was reading up about how there's no way the Electoral College can change their vote, so I'm hoping this is true. I'm so freaking sick of these crybabies.

I'm not a Donald Trump fan but I don't hate the guy, either. I've known WORSE.. not to mention BILL CLINTON.. (I just did.) .. Society is getting so freaking stupid by the second. It's unbelievable how damn STUPID these people are. That's what happens when one replaces their brain with CNN. All we have are a bunch of media watching, weak-minded zombies running around, freely. I wish they'd go home and get some sleep and stop blocking the road off when people have to get to work and life goes on.. My goodness.. :bored::dry::frustrating:

..Liberals say this Donald Trump election proved how "racist" our country truly is. Oh?.. but I thought we made progress when we elected Obama in 2008 and re-elected him in 2012. I guess we are going back on our word, now? Okay. I don't recall David Duke and these hardcore racists protesting and throwing tantrums over an Obama Presidency. A lot of Liberals are spoiled brats who lack the appropriate brain cells to cast an appropriate vote, anyways.
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