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Don't dig TV series...Do you?

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I don't like watching series such as walking dead, 24, sopranos, breaking bad, or any other show like that. I'll watch a feature film no problem, and love watching feature films, but cannot dig the series shows.

I've tried to get into them but can't, and I won't be trying it again. Does anyone relate or feel similar? They just feel like a waste of time anyway, so i'm happy about it. But it does make me wonder.

Could the inability to watch these shows be because:

a) some people have a tendency to repel against following the herd - so if the herd watches a tv series, you don't?


b) an inability to hold an interest in something over an extended span of time?


c) just think they're lame :rolleyes:


d) an inability to 'get in' to the characters because I don't especially care about other people's emotions and cases one way or the other?

(I'm also, for the most part, hopeless at following films, I cannot keep track of the plot of characters or anything. Maybe it's for some of the reasons above also?)
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As far as I can tell, the only thing those shows have going for them is sex and violence.

Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, etc. These shows got so BORING after the first season(or first few episodes for walking dead). It's just the same bull over and over again.

I admit I do lose interest if a plot gets overly complicated with no real resolution (i.e. Heroes),

Dude, Heroes was far from complicated. It just never got anywhere. They'd build up throughout the season and be completely incapable of delivering. Just like Lost.

I gave Heroes more of a chance than I gave Lost, though, because of super powers. If it weren't for that, I would have dropped Heroes after season 1 like I did with Lost.
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