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Don't dig TV series...Do you?

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I don't like watching series such as walking dead, 24, sopranos, breaking bad, or any other show like that. I'll watch a feature film no problem, and love watching feature films, but cannot dig the series shows.

I've tried to get into them but can't, and I won't be trying it again. Does anyone relate or feel similar? They just feel like a waste of time anyway, so i'm happy about it. But it does make me wonder.

Could the inability to watch these shows be because:

a) some people have a tendency to repel against following the herd - so if the herd watches a tv series, you don't?


b) an inability to hold an interest in something over an extended span of time?


c) just think they're lame :rolleyes:


d) an inability to 'get in' to the characters because I don't especially care about other people's emotions and cases one way or the other?

(I'm also, for the most part, hopeless at following films, I cannot keep track of the plot of characters or anything. Maybe it's for some of the reasons above also?)
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I usually get bored unless I can save them up and watch them all at once.
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