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A little background:

I am a 26 year old male ESFJ. I have taken the Myers Brigg test about 5 times. Three times I have been listed as an ESFJ and twice I have been listed as an ISFJ. From reading multiple sources though I believe I am closer to an ESFJ. But the strange thing is I love being alone sometimes and find myself doing it a lot. But I believe my natural tendency is to be around people! I graduated from college back in 2009 with a Business Administration - Management degree. Even during college I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and I still feel like I don't...I was afraid of this! My dad works in business and my older brother went to school for Marketing. He decided marketing wasn't for him and is now doing Physical Therapy. The only personality type I know from my family is my mom who is an ISFJ and she was a Dental Hygienist for several years.

Once I graduated from college in 2009 I immediately got a job working for a small bookstore/health foodstore as the Assistant Manager. People say I am very good with people and I do find it easy to talk to complete strangers. I am still with the job and have been here 4 years now. I'm not sure what my boss's personality type is but I know it's the type that the ESFJ can't stand working for. There are some things I like about the job but other things I absolutely can not stand. I do not like financials or figuring out new ideas for the store but I am ok with some accounting work. But since I am a people person I am not really sure if I see myself doing accounting for a career. I do a lot of purchasing food for the store, shipping, deposits, inventory, etc. which I am ok with and do enjoy on occasions. I find myself really liking jobs that aren't overcomplicated or that I can master so I always feel like I am doing a good job. I have been looking for several years to get a new job but haven't had any success. As I look for a new job I am not questioning what I should do with my career. When people ask me what I want to do I have no idea how to answer. I feel so lost and I hate it!

There have always been some career choices that interest me like Law, History, Psychology, Human Resources, Occupational Therapy, etc. but I have no idea. I'm not sure if I should stick with business and go back to school for my MBA but if I do...I have no idea what field to go into. I feel so frustrated because I feel I am running out of time especially if I was to completely switch careers and go into Health Care or something. I thought about Hospital Administration...I remember working for the YMCA one summer as a Camp Counselor working with 5 and 6 year olds. It was something I always remember enjoying but wasn’t sure if I should make a career with children. I also started a Big Brother Big Sister Club at my school and I participated in the program. I know ESFJ's have been known for going into a Counselor position but I have no idea what I would do with that or if the money would be enough. It's not all about money for me but whatever career I go into I want to make sure I am making enough money to get by, ya know?

I have been dating a girl for almost a year who is an ISFJ. Yeah, definitely not supposed to be compatible based off what the websites say but we are doing awesome together. We have learned with our personality types how to communicate and we are very much in love! She just start attending medical school out in California and I live in Tennessee. That means she will be there 4 years and we are very much wanting to keep the relationship going. So since I have been looking for a new job I have started looking out in her area with no results. Just frustrating because I'm not sure what career direction I want to go. As a man, etc. if we were to make this long-term I would drive myself nuts if I didn't feel like I had my career choice nailed down and something solid to support her with if we got married. Because she could end up being a Pediatrician and I feel lost!

Whew. Just wanted to maybe get advice, have people listen, etc. Thank you and any direction maybe you could give me with my career would be extremely helpful. Any help from other Male ESFJ's would be helpful as well! I have taken numerous career tests, etc. over the years with it not seeming to give me a clear indication. I know ESFJ's mostly go into teaching but I am just not sure if I see myself doing that.

If you would like any other information to help please just ask!

Thanks everyone!
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