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I have yet to hear a girl friend say to an ex crush of mine they meet:

"Why would you think I'd wanna talk to you when you were pretty shitty to my friend?"

So I just found that a girl I used to hang out with is still in contact with a dude that was pretty shitty to me - the college guy I made a few posts about before.

He and I used to hang out for like 3 months every other day and she knew how much I used to like him.

He ghosted on me with no explanation. We stopped being friends because we did but didn't want to hook up but just wanted to be friends for a while and the tension there was just too strong to be only friends for a while...

When he met my friend through the same group, they ended up talking.

And she knew how much he upset me just cutting me off like that...I've moved on since then to a new group of friends and a new crush.

So on one hand it's like, I knew it was gonna happen anyway that's why I checked out a long time ago, but at the same time, girls just keep proving to me over and over they have no boundaries and don't care how much someone hurt me and they still keep in touch with him rather than sticking up for me.

Damn, I mean, I wouldn't want to date a guy who ghosted on my friend after a while? Maybe that's just me...and plus, I just never date my friend's ex...I've met plenty of guys who don't know any of my girl friends I don't need a girl friend's ex. That's just a turn off to me.

What's worse than an unappreciative dude? A two-faced so-called BFF who hears you complain about said shitty dude she ends up talking to anyway.

I already had a hard time trusting girls to begin with and this happening over and over just keeps proving to me how I don't need girls in my life. They have no respect for boundaries.

A friend of mine thinks the girls that I know who do this to me go after an ex to be "better" than me...I'm like, wow.

Would this upset anyone else? Or maybe I'm the only one who follows girl code around here...feels like it.
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