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Thinking I could come up with a photo to share that many others would type in various ways from ISFP to INTJ.

Typing by looking at photos ought to be done "just for fun" because usually--excluding the ubiquitous selfies, we don't have context, e.g. who took the photo; was it a candid shot; what was the frame of mind of the subject; how about the state of physical health; did the subject have a drink or two or smoke a joint beforehand--maybe needed to; and prescription medication: Any of that showing in the eyes, body language such as posture or pose...

Human beings' moods are no more static than our personalities, yet so many seem to react as though we're sealed in some kind of concrete like hand prints planted on Hollywood Boulevard, in wet concrete:

Put your four letters under someone's name and that's that.

Here's a photo taken more than 20 years ago by someone who showed up uninvited:

All personality types feel and reveal anger; does my own show to anyone but me?

NOTE: I shared this post, including the photo, in the thread called "What Are You Thinking About?"
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