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I just fallen in love with this game... The companions are so interesting and the chemical with them is fascinating, and the final has a lot of different endings.
What do you think about this game? What character do you like most?
I enjoy to be with Alistair as a permanent companion, but I feel so related to Morrigan
And what are your thoughts of Dragon Age Inquisition?

I wont ask about Dragon Age II, that game sucks in to many levels.

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I just fallen in love with this game...And what are your thoughts of Dragon Age Inquisition?
Best work Bioware has done so far. I'd had Obsidian as their betters in character writing, but with Inquisition, I have to give it to Bioware. They've really sharpened their craft since origins.

Their struggles feel real, as does their praise and their anger, depending on your decisions. You can never please anyone, and you can make decisions and then feel the legitimacy behind both the outrage and the appreciation of your actions, voiced from different characters.

The best part about the game was that, through its immersion, it actually changed my mind on various things. Often, I've had contempt for religious institutions, but Inquisition demonstrates how such institutions create stability and can appeal to humanity's better nature. By the end, I almost felt half-Andrastian. Considering I am an atheist, it was a strange, yet stimulating experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I also scorned the court-life of the French monarchy, with their stupid dances and social rituals, but came to be in awe of these too, after playing through the court-based story arc in Orlais.

I have a few complaints. I wish "power" had been separated into more categories, troop numbers, diplomatic pull within various courts, actual spies with actual abilities, and that these resources could be managed and spent. It's unfortunate that this was all covered under the enigmatic "power" stat, especially considering you could grind power so easily by doing geological surveys. But I still respect that they gave the player the option to solve many situations around Thedas using strategies suggested by advisers with different personalities.

The combat proved quite fun as well. Managing aggro, stunlocking dangerous enemies, and even a little twitch, speed-based gameplay at the end when I was using fade cloak to consistently dodge dragon attacks, feeling like a boss.

That fucking ending though. . .

I really have been thinking hard about Solas. What do the murals mean? Are they a portrayal of the inquisition as is initially stated, or are they evidence of a deeper story he has long repressed?

What is the relationship between Dread wolf's betrayal of Mythal, and the collapse of elven civilization?

Who was that spirit in Solas' side quest?

What is the relationship between the Elven Pantheon and the old gods?

It seems to me that Solas, the Dread Wolf, as he is revealed to be, is an agent of rebellion. He destroyed the power of the old Elven gods, locking them within the Golden City. Without the influence of the Elven Gods upon which they'd been relying, Elven civilization fell into disarray, leaving Solas to regret his actions.

It then seems to me that Solas led the elves in rebellion from Tevinter (the story of Andraste). That's right, I'd wager that "The Maker" IS Solas, as he used his power as one of the remaining Elven Gods to guide Andraste's path.

I'd also wager that the "old gods" are manifestations of the Elven Gods that Solas imprisoned, and that they used Corypheus and agents like him to attempt to break into the Golden City in order to free them from their captivity within the fade, though I have no clear theories as to why or how this created the blight. . .
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