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(I apologize before hand for spelling errors.)

Hey everyone. So i've been looking into psychology after getting into these personality types and i read about a theory called the preconcious. This stores memories we can recall. Unconcioussness stores memories we can't recall. So i always wondered why there are dreams that we immediatley forget upon awakening. I realize now that its because they are actually raw material of the unconcious. But what about the ones we can remember? I decided to categorize the dream state to the section of mind.

Concious- daydreaming
Semi concious- trance, hypnosis, (i suppose you are asleep but your motor functions still operate)
Pre concious- dreams we can remember
Unconcious- dreams repressed or unorganized by active mind

I'd love to hear everyone's opinions and develop or alter my theory if what you say makes sense. THanks for the help and i think this can be a real interesting thread. :]
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