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Dream Project

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If money was no issue, what project would you start up?

For instance, I'd go for a MMO that doesn't suck, or trying to develop functioning mechs, it would be an iterative process, but still, it needs to happen.
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Well two scenarios here: 1) You're given $10 million. 2) You're given, literally unlimited cash.

1) I would start my own business and begin investments to allow it to grow. This wouldn't be an issue and I could probably invest $2 million into my own business, and in the first year make it back. The long term goal would to be reach what I would do in scenario number 2:

2) I would create a self sustainable system of various charities. (The money they spend would be equalled by their intake/cash flow.) I would seek to own two countries to use as political experiments; one could be run by the best democratic minds of the world, and implement whatever system the wish to. The other would be the best libertarian minds of the world, and they could run however they wish to. After that, I would buy the U.S. Next, I would buy China. Lastly, I would buy the Solar System and begin setting up mining projects on all non gas planets. Then I'd start setting up Star Gates.

On the side of #2, I'd have people start researching immortality for me so I could live longer.
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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