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Dream Project

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If money was no issue, what project would you start up?

For instance, I'd go for a MMO that doesn't suck, or trying to develop functioning mechs, it would be an iterative process, but still, it needs to happen.
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I would research the perfect toilet architecture, so that dust doesn't collect, and that there will no longer be an argument between a man and a woman over how the seat should be left after use.

Yes, you could say that I have a dream.

But actually, currently my wish would be to further develop the ability of algorithms to handle linguistics. I would find it fascinating to then analyze famous peoples' writings and use that to figure out when they were undergoing periods of mental illness. Or use it as a potential diagnostic tool by analyzing differences in a person's writing style. That, or work on a new political-economic theory. Or education reform. Oh, this list is growing. Whoops
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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