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Dreams are important part of who we are. It is what drives most of us, gives strength and shelters from harm.

Purpose of the topic is to share one of your dreams or dream-visions which have left a very strong impression on you and in a way changed your inner world for the better. It can be something which you actually dreamt or imagined or you can simply let your imagination loose NOW and see "what dreams may come".

There are no rules really except one: no nightmares!:crazy: The form in which you express it is entirely up to you: a poem, short paragraph, epistolary etc. The theme or imagery of what you can post is also completely free: it can be something about a loved one, about nature, mankind, the Earth, the cosmos etc.

The goal I'm hoping for is that we find beauty, comfort, identification or even something new and different coming from a person which we don't really know at all. The randomness is what makes it exciting. :wink:

I'll start (a dream from when I was a teenager and which I think about almost every day):

Walking through a field of flowers with crystal blue luster you feel a force driving you forward and you know it is the Wind (thought: the Wind is alive). Far in the distance you see a range of snowy mountains and a small carmine Sun on the sky behind them. You reach out as if to touch the Sun squirms! The surprise almost scares you and you move back a few steps reluctant to go on (thought: home).

As soon as you've thought this the Sun jumps from the sky in front of you and curiously it doesn't change its size. It resembles a small spherical typhoon of fire. You protrude your palm and it jumps into the palm and starts moving around (thought: what is your name?). "My name is Zara".

The field becomes a rainbow. :happy:
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