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Dreamy Mcfumbles has been lured to the caverns of no return

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Dreamy Mcfumbles was last seen following a trail of muffins to the caverns of no return.

I am reverting to my olde username ish - to clear up any confusion. You are not hallucinating* two of me.

* If you are seek an immediate alcoholic beverage

Legend had it he smote many scaree monstrous beasties, with his quantum slippers, numbering the gabillions, in a quest for (insert something valiant), but finally succumbed.

Others say he went to seeking the elixir of life in his bath of many bubbles and became entrapped in a super bubbly bubble of infinity

Some believe he was raptured

These are indeed mysterious times :tongue:
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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