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drowning in the competition

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i am inhibited by competition and i realized why today. I feel like when there is competition (not sports), but in social or academic setting, i feel like i get drowned out by everything. when i am alone, i know the visions/values/goals/ideals that inspire and motivate me and i can hear my voice clearly , but once i'm placed in a competition where EVERYONE else seems to have great accomplishments that are similar to mine, i feel like my uniqueness is drowned out and i have a hard time hearing my conscience/my voice. and even when i remind myself of my vision and values that motivate me in the first place, i still feel drowned out and then feel incompetent to pursue those goals.

So i need your advice.... how can i hold onto my voice and hear it clearly, when i am being overloaded by the new sensory information and all the voices of other people? have any of you guys had similar experiences and if so , how did you regain your sense of self and voice?
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I have been actively disentangling myself from any and all forms of social competition that I can.

Some of it is inevitable, of course, e.g. business, but we 'compete' in so much mundane bullshit that it's mind-boggling, and what's even more mind-boggling is how worked up people will get over the mundane.

The only person I compete with, ideally, is myself.
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