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When I was applying to grad schools I came to be associated with three ENTPs in one way or another - one bf and two bosses at work. This was before I knew about cognitive functions, or MBTI, or Socionics, etc. But basically Socionics predicts that ENTPs will see us INFJs as very admirable but a bit confusing to them people. I did feel like I received a lot of admiration from them in this period of time. In fact it was so much that I could not just dismiss it and instead absorbed it and used it to build up my own ego. I now see their more ego-centric approach to life more clearly, not to the point of fully subscribing to it but to the point of being able to make a better presentation of myself when situation calls for it. I came to realize that it was all in my own point of view. Who is really saying that your accomplishments are so little? It is only yourself.

I think types that are most comfortable with over expressions of competition are the Te types. I read of some salary statistics and according to study of 7+ million people reporting their MBTI type and salary ExTJs are quite ahead of everyone else on the workplace. This can be attributed to the ease they have with being outwardly competitive due to their Te.

INFJs have very little sense of Te. We do have Ti that kicks in once in a while, mostly as that little self-critical voice when we are introverting. This prompts us to compete once in a while, but often it is drowned out by cooperative voice of Fe which really comes into full bloom when we are around people. So only way you will hear "your voice" is basically by disengaging from others. When you are alone build a strategy for yourself the follow it through.
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