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Drug use and abuse

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Do any of you INTJ's out there use drugs recreationally? I have been using substances recreationally for some time now and have come to some conclusions about drug use. It seems to me that there are two ways to use recreational drugs, the responsible way, and the irresponsible way haha.

I consider myself to be a responsible drug user, as i do many things to prevent harm. These things include being knowledgeable about the substance (i.e. dosage, dangerous combinations), always being in a safe environment when not sober, always ensuring the purity of the substance in question, and keeping a calendar of my drug use and sticking to extremely specific and restrictive rules on how often i am allowed to use any drug. I have found that these drugs have actually had a positive impact on my life in many ways, especially psychedelics.

So, any other INTJ's on here with drug experience?

The substances which i have used include: Alcohol, caffeine, cocaine, ritalin, mushrooms, LSD, weed, various opiates, and a variety of prescription pharmaceuticals.
The substances which i regularly use include: Alcohol(once per 2 weeks), ritalin(once per 2 weeks), Mushrooms/LSD(once per 10 days), weed(once per week), and cocaine(once per 45 days)
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I drink tea recreationally.

Coffee is really good, too. Better, even. Has a much stronger effect. But I drink it more sparingly.

I like alcohol's effects, too, but I hate the effects it has on my body.

let me clarify... alcohol's effects on my brain? LOVE THEM. Alcohol's effects on my body? Hate them.

So alcohol I also drink sparingly. But it's very fun at social gatherings. (it feels like the only way I can survive them)

Marijuana I only tried once. Unfortunately I was too drunk to really experience it. And it was no doubt Indica (fuck indica). Would way rather try Sativa. I definitely will one day. It's my life's mission :laughing:
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I'm not a biggie on being out of control. So my drugs of choice are caffeine and the occassional spot of alcohol, although never socially, always at home on my own, like all good alcoholics do. :laughing: I just hate the effect of my brain being messed with, it shits me and I fight it. For that reason I am not a good candidate for any kind of psychodelic.
I'm not a fan of drugs (the one I've tried, anyway) or and don't generally like involving myself in the lives of people who do it even recreationally. Even recreational use turns into a kind of lifestyle and I find that unattractive. I like caffeine but don't drink it often, and I usually tell my doctors that I'm not going to take any perscriptions unless completely necessary. I'm not opposed to trying certain drugs, provided its the right circumstance with the right people and I'm in the mood, but its not anything I'd seek out. I do drink semi regularly though. Usually I'll have a drink or a beer or a glass of wine on a Friday, but often times I'll make a plan to and just forget. So now I've got an open bottle of pinot noir that's been there for three months :laughing:
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When it comes to prescribed medicine I think the most minimal use is best; only what people need, when they need it for medical reasons. I drink mostly non caffeinated tea, and occasionally alcohol. When I drink alcohol I do not get drunk, I have a couple of drinks of apple ale usually.
I detest recreational use of drugs (what one might call "traditional" drugs) such as some of the ones mentioned in OP.
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When I was younger I was a pretty strong drug user, though I never let it interfere with my responsibilities. These days, I probably drink a little more heavily than I should, and enjoy the ganja from time to time.
I'm depressed and have developed an anxiety disorder over the past few years so I'm more prone to drug use although I don't trip, get high, or drink frequently. When I do though, I tend to binge. Especially on alcohol. I do weed in my most stressful states and I only do it with other people I trust. As for psychedelics, I've only done acid and shrooms. They both have been enlightening experiences.
I grew up around alcoholism and drug abuse, which I think the effects of that turned me off from drinking and doing drugs. I smoked weed about ten years ago, and I drink about 3 times a year. I got a 50th of Vodka on my birthday, and I haven't touched it since that day. I used to drink a lot of caffeine, but I'm now drinking tea. Not much of a coffee drinker.
Had drug abuse problems when i was younger, especially in my early-mid teens. It culminated in me eventually being expelled from high school. I mostly cleaned up after this, though I did still smoke herb a bit. After stopping that as i felt it was an unnecessary distraction and expense, I avoided using anything relationally or for self-medicating for years. i was in my early 20's when i started drinking on a semi-regular then frequent basis, and it continues. Wasn't a preference when younger but as it's legal, inexpensive and readily available i've become accustomed to it.

I was prescribed muscle relaxants quite awhile back and over time grew to abuse them, after so long of responsibly controlling and regulating my usage. Overconfidence i suppose. i managed not to do as much damage to my life as I did when i was younger, but it was a strong reminder.

I smoke but rarely as it doesn't relax me as it used to but rather often (though not always) heightens anxiety and negative thoughts. I occasionally use some others i like better such as coke, x, and certain scrips like Xanax, muscle relaxants, painkillers, etc. It's by no means an everyday, active part of my life. That said, i've got a little round, pink and stamped pill i'm waiting to use ;) A friend ended up with it somehow and knows it's my favorite. Nice gift that's been burning a hole in my pocket the past couple days. Just as soon as I can find some free time where I don't need to work or sleep so i can function the next day at work...
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I'm addicted to caffeine, so I drink a lot of tea. That's about it. A glass of wine once in a blue moon. I don't like what drugs do to me, and I don't like being out of control or dependent on anything. So, no.

Plus, I'm pretty good at changing my own mood and taking weird trips into my subconscious with no chemical assistance, so I've never felt the need.
Can't speak for others here, but I never saw the appeal of drug use. Too many side effects and a temporary benefit at best followed by something unpleasant in many cases. For stimulants, just the occasional tea and dark chocolate for me. I never wanted to be hooked on caffeine like my Dad, so I always restrict how much tea I have. I've started to buy less dark chocolate because I find it hard to not gouge on it.
Well I feel like a square bear - the worst I get is coffee/wine/bourbon.
I don't like recreational drugs and don't stick around if I know people are taking them.
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Have tried a considerable amount of substances just for the sake of a new experience, never got interested enough to turn it into a habit.

I wish I could have the freedom to use drugs more frequently, but I don't have the time, or the spare brain cells for it.
Watched way too many people around me destroy their relationships, finances, and health with drugs & alcohol so determined to never even start down that path, too easy for it to get out of control. I'll drink occasionally socially just to be polite, but that's usually only a few times a year. I tend to weigh the risk versus the reward on just about anything I do in life, this was one where I saw very little reward with a huge risk.
Just coffee and tea when I need extra energy boost, sometimes a little alcohol to unwind. My INTJ friend sometimes smokes weed to help her trouble with depression. I stay clear of anything "serious" like LSD. I am intrigued by the idea of expanding my consciousness but I am also afraid of addiction and side effects.
I think perhaps that there are many factors that contribute to drug choice, including (in my case) lasting effects from childhood abuse and societal-rejection. I would be considered a black male, and there are a laundry list of daily stressors that I won't go into.
That said, I have experimented with different drugs and have had different preferences in different stages. Marijuana in college, alcohol, nicotine, and speed in my 30s, and dissociatives in the last 8 years. I am currently 52 years of age.
The one commonality I've noticed is that these drugs performed the function of quieting brain-chatter, allowing me to concentrate on tasks of importance. This helped me to write and draw, while simultaneously performing the functions of my straight-job. Dissociatives allow for a quick-shift between soft cognitive (big-picture) focus, and hyperfocus, which allows for increased perception of connections.
I think that DXM (Dextromethorphan-hbr) (Dextromethorphan info) may be an INTJ-specific drug. I've noticed that extroverts hate the effects, and the mass of the population will only do it once. I believe that this is due to the drug's effects, which are opposite of LSD in a way.
Whereas LSD causes the user to connect with the layers of their external-reality, DXM causes the user to connect with their internal-reality.
You're probably thinking, "I'm already connected to my internal-reality! That's an INTJ-quality!" Trust me, the rabbit-hole is bottomless. If you want to clinically-examine your subconscious, this is the way to do it.
If you want to unearth repressed-memories, this is the way to do it.
If you want easier-access to connections and synchronicity, ditto.
The caveat is, that to get the full-effect, you must be alone ( another opposite of LSD).
What I do is lay in bed, with the room-darkened, and a pillow behind my neck.
DXM doesn't cause hallucinations, but is does cause extremely vivid and detailed closed-eye-visuals, that can range from simple swirling colors, to entire new realites, as clear as a movie, or dream
Of course I cant promote any drugs, for reasons of legal-liability, but I am available if you have questions.
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