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I'm aware any form of intro probably isn't necessitated, though I was a bit surprised that no reference had been made to him as of yet, despite the fact that he's been referenced within a decent deal of threads, - most heavily threads that are correlated with either of the INF types more specifically - though I guess I'm decently thankful to have the chance, as I define him as my very favorite musician, and by my own standards he's one of very few modern musicians who somewhat fits the definition of "pop" who also fully deserves the definition "artist" correlated with him/her.

With reference to what I believe his type to be, all that seems totally definitive to me is IN, though I suppose I'd put most emphasis on INFP, and I think INTJ seems distinctly the least likely, if at all possible.

With reference to what seems most likely to me, the vast majority of his lyrics and to some extent the general emotional states present within his tracks are characterized by Fi more than anything else, and he definitely seems to be guided by his emotions as opposed to hard logic, despite the fact that he's unambiguously extremely intelligent.

I've been unsure about my own type for quite some time, though INFJ is what I'd originally believed myself to be as I was first learning about the MBTI, and so that seems most likely to me... This seems somewhat needless to state, though I definitely feel a natural affinity for his lyrics, and with that said - despite the fact that isn't that far off from pure speculation - that might suggest he could be INFJ (with reference to my focus on Fi within his lyrics, upon taking specialized functions tests I've actually scored higher on Fi than Fe, while still having Ni be characterized as my dominant function, so him possessing extremely strong Fi doesn't necessarily mean he must be INFP).

INTP doesn't seem especially likely to me, though a decent deal of his tracks aren't too much about his emotions, and are more about offering a great deal of generalized social commentary/criticism, and that much seems NT to me for some reason (and once again, of the IN types I really doubt he's an INTJ). To cite tracks that would be encompassed by the description I just referenced, I suppose a few specifics would be: "In Between", "Good Morning", "White Limousine", and "Shopping".

So, has anyone else pondered what his type might be, and/or is there any chance that he's not unambiguously INFP, or is that just me thinking that?
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