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"Randers’s ideas most closely resemble a World3 scenario in which energy efficiency and renewable energy stave off the worst effects of climate change until after 2050. For the coming few decades, Randers predicts, life on Earth will carry on more or less as before. Wealthy economies will continue to grow, albeit more slowly as investment will need to be diverted to deal with resource constraints and environmental problems, which thereby will leave less capital for creating goods for consumption":

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In ‘2052 – A Global Forecast for the next 40 years’, Randers draws on his own experience in the sustainability area, global forecasting tools, and the predictions – included in the book – of more than thirty leading scientists, economists, futurists, and other thinkers to guide us through the future he feels is most likely to emerge.

This site contains the quantitative basis for the 2052 book i.e. the spread sheet, a number of papers by Jørgen Randers that summarise or describe the contents of the 2052 book in various ways, a number of external reviews of the 2052 book, organised by language, and presentations of the book, in the form of slide sets and speaking notes.

The book has now appeared in 6 languages.
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