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I am currently enrolled in online courses at an art University in California, while living and working in Virginia. The first few weeks of the semester went well, but everything went kind of downhill from there. I didn't apply myself as much as I should have, and I barely squeaked by with both of the summer classes I was taking.

My original plan for schooling was to go to two different schools, one for my BA in the Arts, and one for a Master's in counseling psychology after the art one. I planned to take my Bachelor's online and then go to physical classes when I went for my Master's.

This plan seems to not be turning out well.

I have now been given a second option of transferring to another school where my classes would be on-campus and I could double major. I'm considering doing this, except I would go for art education instead of general arts so that I would be able to teach art while I go for my Master's in Psychology.

My career plan is to be an art therapist and help children with disabilities like autism and down syndrome. I'm seriously leaning towards option two, but I'm not sure. Option one would give me great flexibility with work, and I could work more hours to get more money (I also love my upcoming job. It's going to be really cool.). Option two would give me structure and guidance that I need to excel in my classes. A double major would also mean more classes and lots more time consumed with studying and such.

I'm not sure which one to go for. Any thoughts, guys?
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