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Been meaning to post this for one ages, was lucky to record this on tape when first aired on kiss 100 when still a pirate radio station. Id just moved back in with parents again after traveling and had a room in the loft.
Being somewhat 50 miles from London, you couldn't always get a signal, even with metres of wire running round the room for an aerial, but on a clear night and all was good, would always try to tape shows from Colin Dale - Cold Cut and Manasseh Hi Power.
The show in question literally got played to death, the tape deck of my best mates car finally got pissed off playing it all the time and decided to eat it a couple of years later.
This is a bitter sweet one for me, because although its great to have this recording again, there are two exclusive tracks here that ive desperately wanted to have on vinyl from day one.
But as the great man said here, get ya dat tapes out, because these will never see the light of day.
I never got it, its always bugged me out, as the first one Likwid Nitwit is one of the best dub techno tracks out there and the best Sabres track they ever made, and the remix of the Stereo Mc's that that the Stereo's deemed not good enough, just kills it too. Wtf

Anyway rant over, now breath.... enjoy
1041 - 1060 of 1095 Posts