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Pretty please, with a cherry on top, help me find my type! It;s been a wild goose chase for me. Whenever I think I have narrowed it down, I find myself demonstrating behaviors of a different type. And thus the search continues. Most tests I take point to me being an INTP, but when I was typed before by someone (a very long time ago now) they thought I was an ENFP.
Any help would be so greatly appreciated!
Sorry if the formating is messed up. My computer is simply not cooperating.

0. Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a stressful time, mental illness, medications, special life circumstances? Other useful information includes sex, age, and current state of mind.

I'm a 20 year old female, and I am currently tired since I just got off of work a little bit ago. I'm a full time student and I also work 5 days a week, so I am admittedly a little bit stressed out as of late. Not sure if it would affect my answers, but I am quite shy. I only mention it since it is something I am trying to overcome, thus I have noted a few differences in my personality as of late. I have a low self image.

1. Click on this link: Flickr: Explore! Look at the random photo for about 30 seconds. Copy and paste it here, and write about your impression of it.
The first thing I noticed was the water. It looks so beautiful and serene. I would love to be on that bridge, by myself, going for a stroll. The colors in this picture are all so beautiful and peaceful. It looks like a great place to think.

2. You are with a group of people in a car, heading to a different town to see your favourite band/artist/musician. Suddenly, the car breaks down for an unknown reason in the middle of nowhere. What are your initial thoughts? What are your outward reactions?

My initial thought would probably be disbelief, and that there must be a quick fix. Immediately after I would feel frustrated and irritable. It often seems like I have a black cloud over my head these days. I tend to get very sarcastic when frustrated, so I'd assume that would be an easy outward reaction for people to notice. I wouldn't be smiling, that's for sure. However, I would probably try to stay positive so as not to add towards the negativity I'm certain some of the people in the group would demonstrate. I think it is important to approach something like this logically, since it is absolutely game over if everyone is allowing their emotions to get the best of them.

3. You somehow make it to the concert. The driver wants to go to the afterparty that was announced (and assure you they won't drink so they can drive back later). How do you feel about this party? What do you do?

It would really depend on the situation, such as where the party takes place, who is there, do I have somewhere else to be, etc. It would also depend on how other members of the group feel. If I was the only one not interested, I would never ruin everyone else’s fun. At the very least, I figure there would be at least a few people I know who would be there in this situation, and I would probably find something to do to entertain myself. Bonus points if there is dancing involved.

4. On the drive back, your friends are talking. A friend makes a claim that clashes with your current beliefs. What is your inward reaction? What do you outwardly say?

It depends on the extremity of what they're talking about, and how strong my beliefs are. If it is something small, I'd just let it slide and not say anything. For the most part I try to avoid conflict, especially since everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I never want to shove my beliefs down someone’s throat, and I would appreciate the same of others. If it was something I felt more strongly about, might say something. Generally I like to ask for someone to elaborate first, before actually giving my own input. I'd like to know all the details first before I start a debate, especially to make sure I don't accidentally misunderstand the message. If it is a topic I 100% disagree on, I would probably voice my opinion right away without asking for elaboration.

5. What would you do if you actually saw/experienced something that clashes with your previous beliefs, experiences, and habits?

Once again depends on the situation. It's kind of hard to answer this one without an example, in my opinion. I’m not fully certain what this question is asking. I think it is good to be open to new experiences and to challenge my previous beliefs. If my beliefs are worthwhile, then they will overcome the challenge. If my beliefs aren’t holding up, then it is time to reevaluate them anyway.

6. What are some of your most important values? How did you come about determining them? How can they change?

Dedication, open mindedness, tolerance and competence are very important values to me. Various life experiences have led me to determining them as important. Thus, new life experiences can also change them. They would never completely stop being strong values I live by, but their definition to me might alter slightly, and I another value I have may become stronger.

7. a) What about your personality most distinguishes you from everyone else? b) If you could change one thing about you personality, what would it be? Why?

I'm a huge perfectionist and a very hard worker. So much so that it is difficult for me to start any project that I cannot complete to very high standards. When I do something, it is definitely done correctly. If I don’t get something done to my standards the first time, I keep trying until I finally get it done the exact way I had pictured.
I really, really wish I wasn't so quiet. Believe me when I say I've tried. I simply am not a very talkative person. The more I try to force myself to be talkative, I just come across as awkward. I also think this makes me come across as exceedingly boring. It makes it hard for me to connect with other people.

8. How do you treat hunches or gut feelings? In what situations are they most often triggered?

I don't tend to follow hunches or gut feelings blindly. However, I do try to keep them in mind. I like to try to explore all avenues before jumping to conclusions. Thus, I tend to use hunches and gut feelings to add and compare to evidence I already have, or as a tool to start looking in a particular direction first. Something like a timed test I do try to trust these hunches and gut feelings. It's really against my nature to do so, but I found I would second guess myself too much without trusting those gut instincts. Nothing is worse than getting a test back where you can see the eraser mark of the correct answer. Oh the stupidity. Thankfully, gut feelings have pretty much eliminated this from happening if I remember not to fall back into the pattern of second guessing myself.

9. a) What activities energize you most? b) What activities drain you most? Why?
Exercising energizes me, along with simply doing things outdoors. Figure skating especially has energizing qualities for me, since it is something I've done for a good many years and am rather successful at. I found I am able to think far more clearly when just wandering around outdoors. It can be a simple walk or a hike, it doesn’t really matter. When I am actually able to act like myself, social interactions can be very energizing for me as well. But that is only if they are in small bursts. Prolonged social interaction is always draining, no matter what. However, a good majority of the time I feel unable to truly be myself. It's in this instance that I find social situations to be far more draining than anything else. Highly emotion situations drain my energy very quickly as well. I don't handle them very well.

10. What do you repress about your outward behavior or internal thought process when around others? Why?

Unless I am exceedingly close to the person, I tend to hide emotions that can be described as negative. People rarely see me angry or upset, even after knowing me for years. I don't know exactly why I try so hard to hide these emotions. I think it interferes with the image I wish to project of myself; I want to seem like I am strong and in control. I also aim to seem, as unrealistic as I realize it is, as perfect as possible. It's rather humorous since people often claim I seem very nervous, despite the fact I am not nervous at the time. I have no idea why I portray this energy. I don’t ever really share my actual thought processes, since they aren’t very clear and wouldn’t make much sense to anyone.

Once again, thank you for any feedback you might have. I'm so eager to finally get this settled.
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