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emotional activation

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i think the quality of inner life depends on the quality and the quantity of activation of positive emotions

for example, with the right stimuli and content, one can spend 2 hours jam packed with marvellous emotions and one might never feel anything like that in the course of a whole life time :-0 depending on attitude, elements, chance and so on

so in a way life appears to be very weird like that.. the fact that the nature doesnt even seem to care about activating human emotions sometimes

so i was wondering which tactics do you use to keep your consciousness alert with emotions? how do you activate your emotions when you are at a cold fish state?

since i cant do that with regular mediums such as tv or anything else i am often after something specific .. that's why i feel like i have to write a tune or a melody or collect different photographs to get the emotional mapping right.. or go out in nature and find objects that have specific effects on you..

but i am after a medium that can activate human emotion without not so much effort :-0 so it can help people who are in stuck situations or emotionally blocked / limited due to circumstances

i mean, as long as i could get the stability of life that i am after, if things are boring and quiet, i am the type of person that won't sit down and mull over but rather wake up and start agressively explore what i can do / create to discover new positive emotions

in the same sense i think a medium like object d'art can be an effective thing..
sometimes i can just look at fonts or listen to a chord or a song and be really satisfied..
but i am looking for the ways to activate my emotions in a way that will clarify my consciousness but that won't require a lot of stimuli or effort.. but still have such effect.. i tried words but i prefer it to be more sensual than words.. which is more meaningful / literal / contextual rather than purely sensual

so i was wondering whether any of you have any personalised tactics to activate your emotions especially when you are going through a depressed phase? something common such as going to library to read new books or something original? if there is one, feel free to share your tactics of keeping yourself engaged..
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I read the entirety of your post, and still couldn't quite grasp what you meant. I shall try to relate regardless

For me, I can 'deploy' emotions in the sense that I know what they look like and such. I don't know if I've ever felt anything other than contentment/discontentment. I used to range from ecstatic to depressive, but I've since found myself happily situated in the middle

Right now I am trying to define emotion in my mind. To me, it is a series of facial expressions and behavioral mannerisms. In direct conversation, I'll often keep watch on who I'm taking to to be able to better discern how they're feeling/thinking (hand gestures, eye contact, facial expression) and use these signals as guides to predict what they'll say next or how they'll react to what I have to say

I'm not entirely sure if this is what you were after. I'm just trying to relate as best I can

Sorry if this post is useless :p
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