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infj's are the experts of emotional influence.

but its still interesting how different infj's do it in different ways.

for example, i met this infj 6w7 who would speak with such emotional tone to his voice, that it was as if he was always having an ecstacy.

i very rarely do that. i do love to speak with emotional tone, but it seems pointless, utter waste of time. mere entertainment.

but i recently noticed, something i havent before. my emotions, even when unexpressed, influence others heavily.

for example, i recently met with my family who are so stressed that theres millions of things they constantly do that makes the atmosphere worse. i used all of my energy, to always feel negative feelings towards the things that influenced the atmosphere negatively, and surprisingly, they reacted to those feelings as if they were their own.

and today, i went to get my clothings washed, and on an elevator when it arrived to me, there was this old lady with that weird old people 4 wheeler thing. i just felt like "get out of my way. QUICKLY." and she came out of the elevator with that four wheeler, in such a hurry(like nearly running) that the four wheeler thing bashed against the elevator door due her hurriness. it made me feel kind of bad afterwards, realizing i caused her to hurry like that.

one theory is, that its not me whose influencing others this way, rather, im just pulling _their_ unconscious feelings and bringing it to their consciousness. its hard to say. i know for sure, that i often feel other peoples hidden undesirable feelings this way.

but i do think its most likely mine. since there are examples like this: usually im always emotionally dead, nothing interests me, and im just relentlessly pursuing a goal/task i must fulfill. i pay zero attention to others, and even if i do, i feel nothing, no connection to them at all.

but then when i give myself that rare time, time for just myself. time to take care of _my_ problems. i get emotional. and when i visit the existence beyound my 4 walls after that, people suddenly talk to me, greet me, etc. and they do all this just because i want them to. they somehow pick up my wants like that, when i just dare to radiate my wants in the forms of feelings.

of course, not everyone is always acutely aware of my desires like htis. like at times i might feel very good, i look at someone and i can feel they are blocking the external influences completely, or just not receiving it.

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