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I've found that I go to extremes when I am trying to analyze how my relationship is going with another individual. Because my intimacy-gauge doesn't have very much of a middle ground I found myself in an episode of promiscuity. The alternative would have been a full on relationship and that is another thread complete with its own set of complications.

Do other ENFJ's find themselves preparing for the worst or aiming for the best in relationships as they begin to take form?
Do you adopt the feelings of your partner in moments of confrontation and then after realize that you may not agree completely?
Do you guys rush intimacy? (It's been a month and things are getting beyond serious)

(!) I was molested repeatedly by my older cousin for a duration of my life that I cannot remember. I have gone to therapy to deal with it but no one in my family knows about it and it definitely affects my interaction with them.
(!) Im gay and have yet to come out to my friends or family, though I have opened up to the gay community in my area.
(!) I suffered a traumatic breakup with my first love at the age of 19 and it has taken years to recover from it.

This is my first post. I found this site by accident while googling something important and this community seems very insightful and supportive so I thought I'd give it a try.
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