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Haha no worries, the ENFJ forum can just get kinda slow at times. We tend to stay pretty busy.

I like your profile. But I've been told by both of the INTP males that I associate with that I "like everything", so my opinion is invalid. I disagree, but I'm not an NT. That being said, I think you seem very genuine and easy going. Maybe a little cocky, but it seems like you were careful to keep it casual. I know I personally don't have an issue with an ego, but I can't speak for all ENFJs, and you wouldn't want someone who can't handle something so simple if it's truly part of who you are. Doesn't seem like it's an issue for you. If that makes sense.

I think your personality comes through, and I'm sure most ENFJs can appreciate that. I dunno. I love NT, and I really love INTPs. I don't know if that's just me or not, but it seems like there's a bit of obvious chatter on the boards about INTP/ENFJ relationships. I bet we're pretty fond of you guys, naturally.
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