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Yep. You can still be enfj and long for logic. I do it as well.

ENFJ=Fe Ni Se Ti

that inner Ti at the end can make a big difference. I like logic too and feel a big relief from NT's who just say exactly what they mean... rather than appeal to the feelings. But I'm still very much INFP. I can also be rather logical when I speak from Te.

ENTJ's have Te as their first function.......

ENTJ=Te Ni Se Fi
ENFJ=Fe Ni Se Ti

I think the best way to find out if you are either is check if you use Te or Ti and Fe or Fi. If you use Ti and Fe .... then we know you are ENFJ. If you use Te and Fi .... then we know you are ENTJ. I already sense A LOT of Fe in you.... and also Ti now that you've mentioned how you want to call people out on being stupid. INTP's want to do that sort of thing as well. The fact that you hesitate to express the judgment gives me a hint that your T is inferior.... or at least overshadowed by your F.

When you feel..... is it extroverted?

When you think..... is it extroverted?

Try to think about the ways in which you use F and T and how they are directed and you can figure out if its Fe Te Ti or Fi.
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