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I'm starting to wonder whether I'm not an ENTJ after all... I know I scored ENFJ on most of the tests I took and I very much relate to that type, but I also believe I'm a thinker.

I think I'm an ENTJ masquerading as an ENFJ.

Most of my feelings I keep bottled up, and repress my logical thoughts and strong opinions. I hate when people are being stupid and I can't call them out on it, cause I have to be nice, etc. I'm very competitive, very logical and I can't stand authority. I like when I talk to NTs because they're rational and don't hide their true opinion (among many other things). Math was also my all time favorite subject at school.

I need help figuring out whether I'm an ENFJ or an ENTJ. Please feel free to ask any questions that would help you pinpoint my real type!
Thank you ! :)
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I hate when people are being stupid and I can't call them out on it, cause I have to be nice, etc.
This seems very Fe to me (ENTJs feeling function is Fi). My step-dad is an ENTJ, and he doesn't believe that there's any reason for social nicety. If someone is being stupid, then it needs to be's of paramount importance.

To an ENTJ, the most important thing is organizing for efficiency/systematzing/structuring/monitoring for standards or specifications being met. To an ENTJ considering others and the group/deciding if something is appropriate or acceptable to others is very low down on the totem pole. It just doesn't even really factor in.

I would say you're an ENFJ...but just because you're an NF doesn't mean you can't be logical, competitive and disliking of authority! I consider myself to be those things, too. :tongue:
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