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Re-read your post and look at what you're saying. If you want to make it better, start by changing your attitude about your husband. You'll reap what you sew. Come up with reasons why you love him and things you respect about him. Show him you appreciate him. You can't solve the problem when you're at the viewpoint of, "He's judgmental and jealous and he doesn't understand me." If you want to him to understand you, first make an effort to REALLY understand him and see things from his point of view. I've been in a relationship with an ISTJ for over a year now, we live together, pay bills; the whole nine-yards, and what I've found is they're really NOT that high maintenance. Try and figure out why it is that you're going outside of your relationship for companionship and affirmation. Figure out what your needs are, how they can be met by your husband, and how you can meet his. When your needs are met in your relationship, you wont need as much time out with friends; you wont WANT that. Which will make him happy, and you happy.
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