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ENFJs and Image

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ENFJs, how important is your image to you? How much do you care what other people think about you?

I wished I cared less what people thought of me...I mean, I don't actually care *that* much and do my thing most of the time, but somewhere deep inside I always have this crazy need to be loved by everybody. Unfortunately, though, I'm also a freak so I often encounter negative feedback and scorn...except from other similar freaks :crazy: So even though I happily and confidently follow the beat of my own drum, one part of me can't help feeling hurt when people point fingers and laugh :sad:

Also, I'm very aware of the image I give off at every moment - I like playing different roles and seeing how this changes the way people perceive me. This is why I'm always amazed at how Fi types seem totally unconcerned about image...many have told me they don't care what other people think about them, and as a Fe-dom this seems to me just too good to be true. Perhaps there are some visiting Fi doms and auxs here who could elaborate on this for me? :happy:
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It might be a good learning experience for you to hang out with same ENTPs, they don’t much care what people think of them. But people don’t have their type stamped on their forehead, so I don’t know how you gonna do that.:tongue:
Dunno, I didn't know I have a "Fe" until recently. :tongue:

I meant that ENTPs could help you see that "image" is a superficial thing, and how to not let emotions throw you off balance.
LOL, tried that, but it didn't last long...the ENTPs I knew all had this exhausting tendency to turn every little thing into a debate that made them look smart, so I got tired of them pretty soon. But maybe I just stumbled upon the less healthy those should definitely have a stamp on their forehead, one that warns innocent people not to even start discussions with them :tongue:

So does your tertiary Fe make you care about what people think of you, or do you use it for other purposes?
It's not a work of art to criticize, but I always notice & comment. Are you ENFJ women these chameleons that can look totally different from day to day? Different feel, dress, makeup, attitude? I like.:tongue:
I agree with this...I actually respect it when someone has the balls to come up to me and criticise me, or ask me why I act/look a certain way. That way we can talk about it and I get the chance to explain my perspective...often after that we even become friends! But when someone whispers behind my looks like just a lame way of reinforcing their own social norms by shunning "the outsider", without even taking into consideration that this person has feelings, too

Unfortunately, the latter is most often the rule for me as I live in a somewhat stifling, homogenous environment where every small difference is noted and commented upon :rolleyes:
I’ve only met a couple of these magic chameleons. Is it a natural, involuntary behavior or do you stage life by design as an expression of your creativity?
I am :crazy: Dressing a certain way is like entering a certain role...I begin to feel at act different. All the world's a stage!
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Do you know any people that notice the change and can tune-in to your improvisation and spontaneously play along?
Both! First I was unaware of this behaviour, and then when I realised what was going on I decided to start making the best of it and have even more fun :crazy:
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