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Thanks for the clarification but what I understood from @vrusimov (and @vrusimov correct me if I'm wrong) is that I MUST be a mistype and I'm really an INFP 4w5! And you said you agree with him. Anyhow, it is not a big deal =)

Coming to your questions of how the two work together.

ENFP daily life, E5's need for isolation and ego-ideal

Being a five, I have a hunger for knowledge. To me, knowledge is the best asset anyone can have. Actually, it is not just an asset, in my 5 mind it is directly related to my survival. Especially knowing anything that would help me understand the world. When I study something, I don't leave it until I know everything about it inside-out. As one description mentioned, ENFP 5s tend to have periods of introversion followed by periods of extroversion followed by introversion .. etc and the cycle goes on. During my period of introversion (which can be days at a time), I am gathering information, researching, analyzing, understanding, reflecting, reading etc (hoarding knowledge) and once my brain is overloaded and buzzing with information, I need to talk to someone and share as much as possible (hence my extroversion) to empty the vessel so that I can load it up again with more 'new' information (leading to another introversion period). During my extroverted period ( which can vary but typically 2-3 days), I get all the human interaction I need to survive a introversion period of ~5-6 days. Also, during my extreme introversion time (when I am in the midst of researching some great information/idea) I really dislike interacting with people. I like to be totally isolated (sometimes I'm more tolerant than others). But I typically don't pick up the phone (for days at a time) or reply to texts etc (I know I know this is horrible but I'm working on it). If it's an emergency, my family know they should leave me a text, in which case I will reply for sure. So though I will read most texts, my mind tells me that it will take too much energy (E5 avarice) to reply to that text and I should rather spend that energy doing and enjoying this wonderful research about x lol Thus, my comment about how I can be more 'introverted' than my 'MBTI introverted' friends and that my interactions with people are almost always initiated by the other party. For example, my ISTP E1 roommate is the one who initiates almost all interactions (now the thing is though sometimes I feel bad that she is practically always the one knocking on my door to ask how I'm doing, hence once in a while I initiate simply to not make her feel odd. Same thing with other people.. ISFP E9, ISFJ E4, ENFJ E2 etc)

Head center issues and MBTI

For instance, one of the issues of type 5 is that [Fives believe if they sufficiently study the world, they will understand it. Once they understand it, they will have the confidence to act and cope with the outer world. Fives get stuck in an "analysis paralysis" where every answer they generate raises more questions, which they must answer.] This goes on and on without the 5 ever having the confidence to act and share the knowledge they have. This is one of the main issues of the Five.

In my case, I tend to behave as described above. However, having two type 8 parents and type 2 sister means I can only dream about that. My ENTJ E8 father and ESFJ E8 mother 'command' that I respond to them and interact with them spontaneously. Being an ENFP I love and adore my parents and I always want them to know that I hold them in high regard. Thus, I go out of my way to respond to them. (Not responding to an E8 is a recipe for disaster, thus I try to never do it). Also, my ENFJ E2 sister can be 'demanding' as well and will do everything in her being to get me to interact with her. (Read the type 5 + type 2 combination description).

Now the thing with me (ENFP 5) is that all it takes for me to snap out of the hermit mode is a single interaction of another (which I avoid the most). It is that first interaction that matters the most. The reason being is that when I am on my own in my head, I'm developing some idea and if I'm interrupted at that moment, then I lose track of where that idea was going. Thus, I avoid the first interaction. However, due to my lovely family, I am in a way forced to snap out of that mode frequently. So once I have a single interaction with my mom for example, I am no longer in hermit mode. At that point, I will reply back to my friend's message ..etc etc and interact and be the extrovert again, share the knowledge I learned and so on. Until another idea captures my mind and I'm off to my island.

Cognitive functions and being a 5

Ok so according to the cognitive functions test that I did, my highest function was Ti followed by Ne>Fi>Ni>Te>Si ... etc

If you look it and take away the Ti and Ni, you end up with Ne>Fi>Te>Si which are characteristic of the ENFP persona.

Now that test suggested that I am 'likely' an INTP. My speculation is that since my brain functions are not obvious of a particular MBTI type. They took into account ONLY my highest two (Ti and Ne) and said I'm likely INTP. Now that is inaccurate because 2 brain functions don't work on their own. The 4 brain functions work like a circuit, all 4 of them. I can't remember where I read this, but there was a study done to show how there were brain scans done to figure out someone's MBTI type by the apparent connection between the different brain functions. In other words, having Ti>Ne>Fi>Ni doesn't make sense not only due to the repetition of the N function but there's no brain circuit that connects the functions.

Thus, I believe I have the same brain functions as my fellow ENFPs except that I have both highly developed Ti and Ni (compared to other ENFPs). Now, this is not a surprise to me. I know through my 'interaction' (note my wording here) of other ENFPs that I am very different. However, I'm not sure if this is due to the fact that they are all type 7 or there's more to it. But I think it is because type 7 is what I disintegrate to and I associate it with my dark side, thus the clash. Now, coming to the reason I used the word interaction and it's because I want to point out that interaction is different from description! The online descriptions of ENFP as I pointed out many times now is descriptive of who I am and how I work. However, the style of day-to-day life of many ENFPs, their spontaneous reactions .. etc are very different from mine. And this is where stereotyping an MBTI type based on their day-to-day reactions etc. creates misconceptions. I'm the type of person that only talks when I know that I'm saying a) is correct b) is beneficial in some way to someone else (this is just an example). However, I find that many of the ENFPs I know (E7s) talk and make big judgement before they had a chance to think about what's being said. Of course there are numerous great things to note about other ENFPs, 7s included =) but I'm just pointing out how the 5s and 7s differ and where we clash.

Incompetence in ANYTHING is very hard for me (actually not only me but seeing it in others as well). I dislike it big times. It is my core fear. I MUST be competent in order to survive (E5). I must know what I'm saying. What I'm saying better be 100% correct. I can not tolerate incompetence which might not be a good thing at all but that is who I am. If someone says something that is not 100% correct, I can see it miles away and I'm almost always correct. For example, person A says to me 'xxxx'. If it is correct, even if I never heard of that particular statistic or such I instinctively know it is correct. Now, if it is not correct before they begin to describe anything (though I never interrupt the other person and typically let them say everything they have) I instinctively know that what they are saying is wrong or forged or inauthentic and I'm typically correct. Now that I think about it, I guess that is part of the reason why people always tell things they learned/heard; because they don't want to go research it etc they tell me and I tell them this doesn't sound right, do a quick search and learn why. I can be very hard to fool. If I let a person get away with something it is because I WANT to let them get away with it. The reason why this is, is because I know and often times I know too much. Dom Ne with E5 means you practically explored every idea to very deep depths. I am very very observant I catch everything going on around me. E5 are the observers and if you read the ENFP description of strengths and weaknesses that I linked in some other comment, the first strength mentioned for ENFPs is observant. So nothing escapes my radar.

So that's what I got for now. I tried to keep it short but if you would like me to elaborate on something or have any questions let me know!
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