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I'm an INTP in a relationship with an ENFP right now!

Things that work are both being able to accept the quirkiness of the other person and finding similar things funny, being able to make each other laugh.

Conflict arises through energy levels and thinking vs feeling barriers. She likes to get involved with any opportunities she can and keep busy going out all the time, can be very expressive with her passions. I enjoy them to an extent but my mood can drop when things go on for too long. She's also very good at picking up on moods and tone of voice so she becomes affected by my mood and finds it difficult to understand how my mood can change when I'm out socialising for too long.
She also loves the attention that I give her and demonstrations of love that I can forget to show now and again
Thinking vs feeling becomes a problem when debating or when talking about subject of interest. I enjoy philosophical debates and intellectual ones where she loves to talk about spirituality, body/health and buddhism. I don't mind learning about it to some extent though.

The relationship began around 6 months ago and it's going really well and I have strong feelings for her so it really works. We both feel that we can completely be ourselves which is great. As an ENFP, advice would be to maybe respect the difficulty INTPs face in expressing their feelings and emotions regularly. We can be quite distrustful and skeptical of our own emotions, and they're often all or nothing - so can be overwhelming when they do arise.

Good luck searching! :ninja:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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