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You know, I used to feel sad too about apparent losses during my youth.

Why are break ups considered a sad thing? Something didnt work, paths separated, new to arrive. Its the lifespan of an experience based of incompatibility. Compatible people dont break up, they stay together, because they tend to get along, or at least deal with the downs constructively. Its called maturity. Some are mature at age 15 and dream about raising children and building empires while others never ever even want to become mature, so they dissapoint others endlessly. Now what do we prefer, an immature weirdo or someone real and adult. I say, we are way better of without negative, heavy baggages.

Remain positive, as theres always a new beginning for everything. Plenty of fish in the ocean(S).

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I believe you edited your comment. I was planning on giving a response based on what you said previously, that would try and address your specific problem. But of course, I got busy
So this will be addressing what you previously said. Hopefully this should be some help to you

I personally have never been in a romantic relationship with anyone. So you may want to take my opinion with a grain of salt.
But in terms of apologies, I think the ones that work best are the ones that admit your own personal wrong-doing.

If you feel that you were insecure and made an irrational choice, make sure to let him know that. Also, let him know what steps you are going to take to improve your behavior going forward.
But, also be sure to give him a few things he can work on, and maybe have a calm and rational discussion with him on your feelings. It's important to not be clingy, but if you want more time with him, maybe come up with a way to address both of your needs at the same time. A relationship goes both ways.
It will show that you have put some thought into it.

However, it’s possible he may not forgive you right off the bat (or at all), so instead, take this time to instead focus on improving yourself in the meantime.
At least in my experience, it is not particularly easy to forgive.
So if you guys do not end up together in the end, take this as a lesson learned. Strive to do better next time.
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