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Hello loves! Just wondering what your insights on this ENFP I'm seeing.

So right off the bat when we met, we clicked very well. We converse very well and he's a very intelligent and light hearted man. He is very physically affectionate, as am I. Sexually and mentally we are very compatible. We have a lot of fun! We haven't talked about where the relationship is going yet. He seems to be incredibly busy, rarely ever texts me, but has been the one initiating the dates. Unfortunately for me I am a little more closed off as I would have been, just came out of a toxic relationship with an ISTP (my god). I'm not trying to get into a serious relationship with this current ENFP partner but I do get mixed signals from him.

I've noticed when we hang out he rarely ever checks his phone. So I believe the reason why he takes FOREVER to text back is due to his job and just in the moment, quality time with whoever he is with. Not a bad trait, but does confuse me if he likes me or want to pursue something more with me. We hang out about once a week. Have incredible sex, and he's just a sweetheart when we are together, always touching me, and kissing me sweetly. One incident I noticed, and I felt was strange was when we were at his house and his roomates were up, I ended up socializing with them. Turns out I fit in really well. However when I was talking to the roomates, he's always besides me and he would put his arms on my waist and shoulder, he would softly touch my hands in front of his roomates. I felt confused because I assumed we were just seeing each other and I guess FWB, so I wouldn't think he would do anything that would reveal that we are a couple of any sort? I also chalk it up to his roomates probably sees this all the time with other girls he brings home? (Like I said we haven't talked about it so I don't know if he is seeing other people.) He seems so busy but I can't be sure what he's busy about. His roommate even asked me why I wasn't at the party earlier that week, and I just said "oh cause I didn't know, someone didn't invite me." (playful banter) But really though, he didn't invite me. So there are some confusing signs he's giving me and I know I just need to talk to him about it. But want to know what your insights were! I think he's just a very open person, and probably just doesn't care what anyone thinks! Or I'm just a weirdo that likes to overthink things too much. :dry:

Thanks everyone!
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