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I'm new here, so forgive me if I'm not posting this in the best possible place in the forum...

Am curious to know everyone's thoughts on the pairing of a female ENFP and male ESFP. I'm 31, the ENFP. He's 35.

We've been dating two years. One year strong, but one year on and off before that because I would get fed up with his nonsense and walk away and shut the door...only to find myself coming back to try it again.

I'm curious, optimistic, talkative, sensitive, communicate as much as possible (too much sometimes), outgoing, love and need people, bored in my tan cubicle office job, love to meet new people, please people (at my own expense), rely heavily on deep emotional connections to feel fulfilled and dream and question my future daily. I'm the type of person who makes the best of any situation, no matter where I find myself or who I'm with.

He's a concrete thinker, thrives on the attention of the people he meets who instantly are charmed by him aka mad flirty. His friends all adore him, as do I -- mostly I feel because like an ENFP, he is authentic and true to himself at all times. The perpetual quest for Self that drives me seems to have been conquered by him, which I'm sure is part of why I find him so attractive. He is the type of person who always knows where the fun is to be had. Always.

We have so much fun together and are so attracted to each other, but there is always the impending fight caused by the ongoing struggle to "communicate." Anyone else have any experience with these two types dating? Advice regarding how communicating could be better?
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