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Yepp. I have some midterms and lots of reading to do for this week. Haven't started :bored: so I'm procrastinating on here.

Personal ~

* Name - What do you preferred to be called?
Um.. Nyanko =] don't feel like giving my name online.
[ nyanko means cat/kitten ] :proud:

* Male/Female/Trans?

Location -
I live in Philadelphia.
- If you could get up and go anywhere in the world at the present moment, where would you go and why?
Bora bora, or some beautiful place like that.

Age - How old are you? Do you think you act your age? If not, explain which age you think you resemble most. Do it for the laughs.
I'm 18, and I act it.

Personal(ity) ~

* What is your Myers-Briggs personality type and for how long have you been reading on personality theory?
ENFP. Known about it for 2.5 years.

* What type do you usually test as?
ENFP, duh! Sometimes I get INFP or ENTP though, but I'm definitely ENFP..

* What are your favorite and least favorite personality types to be around?
S's are my least favorite. There is just a void in the relationships I have with them..
But, I have had an ESFJ best friend who was pretty amazing.
And my favorite personality types are INFP, INFJ, & INTJ & maybe more than those and I just don't know it yet.

If you've taken any other personality tests, what were your results?
6w7 in the enneagram.

Occupation ~

* Employed or Unemployed?
Employed in the worst job evar.

What is your education? In college, tell us your major.
I'm currently studying psychology.

What is your dream job?
WELL, actually I remember seeing these two people who just had to go around florida rating things like theme parks, restaurants, etc FOR FREE and even got paid to do it ! THAT's definitely my dream job.

About You ~

* Tell us in a brief paragraph or two how you would describe yourself and what you hope to get out of this forum.
I can't describe myself. I'm just me?
& hopefully I get to talk to a lot of cool people here.

Other ~

What is your favourite section at the toy-store?
Hello kitty.

Do you collect anything?
Cute things.

What are your phobias?
Aliens & spiders.

Describe your favourite food until you drool.
=] cajun salmon with rice and bananas

Some of the things that you give you jollies?
hugs, friends, comedy movies/shows & good movies in general and finding a good song.

What are your top five pet peeves?
screaming children, paying rent, losing stuff, redundant questions & dumb rules/laws.

What would a perfect day be like for you?
winning the lottery :) haha. then going shopping & traveling to somewhere cool.

Do you prefer a vegetarian or meat diet or both?

Other Other ~ Yay or Nay?

God and Souls - No god, but I believe in ghosts.
The Death Penalty - No. Make them work!
Premarital Sex - Yes, if you're not dumb about it.
People are inherently good - No.
Destiny - I don't know.
Done drugs - Yes.
Kissed in the rain - Yes.
Re-reading a good book - I rarely do this, but when I have it's nice :)

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Welcome to the forums--just don't fail your classes reading them!:happy:

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Greetings and welcome aboard!

And please give the S's another chance... :sad:
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