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Hi guys, I'm new!

So I've taken a ridiculous number of tests (including cognitive function based ones) over the years, which consistently turn out as ENFP with super weak E, but I'm not so sure of this anymore. (Warning: this could start to sound typist. I have nothing against INFPs and think they're awesome, I just think a lot of INFP characteristics are things I wish I could change about myself personally)

I like to think of myself as an ENFP, extroverted, funny, with tons of ideas and connections, but I can't always reconcile that with my actual self-image. I'm generally a fairly outgoing person and love meeting new people, but I tend to have a fairly small support group and was a really shy child. I don't gain or lose energy from socializing -- I can't stand being around people for too long (mostly this happens when I'm around the same few people for a long period of time -- I can deal with variety), but I also can't stand being by myself for too long.

How does ambiversion work with MBTI anyway? ahgklda;jghkla;hfjk

Function-wise, I have a lot of trouble, because I identify with Fi, but also with Ni and Fe (what?!). I used to think I was like, the champion of Ne, but now I don't know if I'm even competent in using it (anyone know anything about self-confidence and Ne?).

I'm recently identifying more and more with descriptions of INFPs as opposed to ENFPs. I don't know how much of this results from my recent major drop in self-confidence (e.g. I'm terrified to share my ideas because I can't understand how they'll benefit discussion, I decide what I think is inferior to everyone else's thoughts before I can even get a word out, I think I'm un-funny and think other people don't like me, so I don't put myself out there as much when I'm not in the mood).

Anyway, the main point of this thread: I have a nagging suspicion that I'm not an ENFP like I always thought, but an INFP. This reaffirms a lot of aspects of myself that I wish didn't exist, and I find myself really, really wishing I was more extroverted or better with Ne. The more tests I take, the more I feel like I'm answering biased towards extroversion. Knowing that no type is actually better than another, how much is what I value in myself reflective of type, or is type simply a fact about ourselves that we have to come to terms with and decide to be okay about? To tie this back to Harry Potter (wheeeee) and Dumbledore's wisdom, to what degree are we defined by our choices and values? If anyone knows of old threads that address this, links would be awesome (I couldn't find any)
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