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I'm not very good at this, so...

Pretty much every test I take says I'm either an ISFP, INFP or ENFP. Every feeling and perceiving percentage is high (particularly perceiving). The last one I took said I was an ISFP and the perceiving percentage was 89%.

I'm not sure if I'm an introvert or an extrovert; I can be equally both. I even took a 'Multiple Intelligences' test and it said I was equally Intrapersonal and Interpersonal.

So here's some things about me:

- I am incredibly disorganised (no plans, lose everything etc)
- I am always late (easily distracted)
- I hate criticism. It makes me cry, lol
- I love being around my friends. I feel 'alive' when I'm with them and I miss them when I'm apart from them. However, after social interactions, I feel a need to be alone and to 'regain' my energies, if that makes sense?
- I hate doing projects with other people. It's not that I hate being with other people; it's not like that at all. It's just that I want to do it my way and my way only. I am not bossy whatsoever though. If I had to work in a group, I would just try to go with it and am likely to just assign myself a task and do it independently.
- I am very indecisive. I think about all the 'what ifs'? However, I've been known to be a little impulsive but only around those who I know (showing up randomly, saying/doing random things etc)
- Howeever, I really hate when people ask me out last minute; I need time! Although I have no routine, if someone interferes in what I'm doing, I get really mad.
- I'm not very romantic but I can be very thoughtful (I always think about others)
- I am very impatient. I cannot stand waiting for something to happen. If I want something, I want it now.
- I have no set goals. I go from task to task. To me, there's too many things in this world to possibly decide on something.
- I can be both serious and silly. I like debates and giving my opinion, as well as listening to other people's opinions. I cannot stand a person with an opinion without a basis. At the same time, I have a sense of humour.
- When I meet new people / am in new situations, I'm usually very shy. When I'm with my friends, I'm outgoing.

I think I've probably written too much, lmao but if you could help me, I would be grateful. :)

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While you're here, waiting for someone to reply, take a look at the cognitive funtions, read them, see which ones you relate with.

The cognitive functions (and order) for each of the personalities you tested as are:
ENFP: Ne Fi Te Si
INFP: Fi Ne Si Te
ISFP: Fi Se Ni Te

There are a lot of information about the cognitive functions here on the forums, take a look. :)
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