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Hello there! :) I am new to PersonalityCafe, but for the last year or so I've been reading a lot of various threads because I am a psychology major and I most certainly want to try to understand the various viewpoints of different individuals. I would say I am fairly street smart for an ENFP (a lot of negative life events, some out of my control and others due to being slightly naive) and I can empathize with an AWFUL lot of people. I have labeled a lot of the people close to me (some I know are correct, others I would say are 'accurate guesses') and will use these forums to find threads that might give advice for current problems I deal with concerning them.

I usually test ESFP, but my therapist strongly suggests I'm ENFP (I like to say I look to the past, but that is what I wish I am. I am definitely a future thinker!). To be totally honest, I struggle with my type because I only see the negatives associated with it.

For instance:
-I'm lazy
-I either can't start projects or can't finish them (I can always do one, not both. Sometimes I'm great at starting, other times I'm great at finishing)
-Everything interests me so I don't really have a passion
-I'm disorganized
-I'm scatterbrained
-I feel like I need a lot of assistance and direction with my life
-I can't make decisions

... among others! I am hoping the forums will help me find more effective ways to accept my personality. I know I'm stuck with it, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I also hope to find some people I can connect with too.

A little bit about me, I'm 22 and Female. Psychology Major, interested in careers in Social Work and Clinical Psychologist. I absolutely LOVE to write and really enjoy most activities to some degree.

Father- INTJ
Boyfriend- ISTJ
Best Friend- ENFJ
Mom- (assumed) ENFJ

Looking forward to getting to know you :)

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