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My two older sisters are ISTJ. They grew up as best friends, while I always felt like "little sister" who needed to be told what to do. As we've gotten older, we've tried to mend this gap that seems to be between us, but it's just not happening.

My feelings have been hurt so many times, I don't trust them with my feelings any more--but my sisters are hurt when I am good friends with girls outside my family. We don't enjoy the same activities or music or anything--but they are hurt when I chose to spend time with people I actually get along with.

They enjoy sports. I don't. They are self-motivated and organized. I'm not. We don't fight the same battles or enjoy the same moments.

Can someone give me practical advice on how to relate to them and talk to them and how we might enjoy time together? I love them, really, and they love me. But it's a rocky relationship.

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I'd love to talk about memories and past trips and things, but they don't usually sit down and talk. We don't enjoy any of the same stuff. What stuff do you enjoy doing with people?
The same things as other people that have similar interests.

Oh, your sisters sit down and talk - I'll guarantee it.
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