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Hello ESFPs! In this interview, I got a chance to talk to Jany on what it's like to be an ESFP Se-Te PB/C(S) FF (more details on what the letters mean below). This interview was fun because we had the exact same animals and had very similar life problems. First, we both have problems setting boundaries thanks to double feminine play first and double masculine sleep last. By the time we set boundaries, a friendship was already destroyed. We talked about being the glue of our respective group of friends because of being a double decider, being an ExxP-ExxJ and having double activated Te. Jany talked about loving watching trashy TV shows with that SF consume and being an ST reporter which is bad at times when people just want you to listen to how you feel.

Play (P) = Te+Se
Blast (B) = Ni+Te Consume
(C) = Fi+Se Sleep
(S) = Ni+Fi
FF = Feminine Se, Feminine Te, Masculine Fi, Masculine Ni, Tester and Visual mode of learning.

Watch the interview here:
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