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Hello everyone! In this interview, I got a chance to talk to Manley on what it's like to be an ESTP Se-Ti CP/S(B) FF (letter definitions below). One of the best descriptions Manley made in this interview is what double masculine NT sleep is like for ESTPs (Ti+Ni). He also discussed how personal and logical his inner world is and the decisions he makes for his life. Manley has good use of his Ni despite being Ni last which proves that everyone can use their 4th function with some practice. Manley is not your stereotypical ESTP and it's probably attributed to his masculine Ni allowing him to see it and use it better than your stereotypical ESTP.

Consume (C) = Se+Ti
Play (P) = Se+Fe
Sleep (S) = Ti+Ni
Blast (B) = Ni+Fe
FF = Feminine Se, Feminine Fe, Masculine Ti, Masculine Ni, Tester and Visual mode of learning style

Watch the interview here:
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