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4 Big Singers come to mind, Brandon Boyd, Anthony Kiedis & Fred Durst, Chester Beddington. Now Both Brandon and Anthony are members of alternative funk, rock kinda bands.
As for Fred and Chester they are both in rapcore bands, Fred is also a director and chester is working on a TV at the moment. (the multitalented ENFP trait)
Another thing of note is all these bands don't have a singular sound and while have signature traits have songs, even on the same albums that are radically different
i.e Under the Bridge & Give it away on Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik.

Also apparently the lead singer from hollywood undead is ENFP and I'm sure I can find other ENFPs who fit within what I'm talking about.
Being a rapper myself, and said bands being 4 of my favourite, and the whole rapcore,raprock,rapfunk genre in general being one of my favourites I was curious to see what other people think of said findings and if anyone can extend on this. It may be a coincidence but I'm getting the feeling its an ENFP thing. hmm

Oh and on a side note and I found a band named ENFP. Check out the song Anti-therapy, damn fell in love when I heard it.
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I'm ENFP and so is durst....even this post from another forum says so
I agree with OP; Durst is hyper-sensitive unbalanced ENFP with a huge ego who takes everything way too personally.

Think Kanye.

For a long time I mistook this subclass of ENFP for Ts because they're so self-absorbed that they ignore the feelings of others, which seems contrary to Feeling behavior, but when Ne+Fi goes nuts weird things can happen, I suppose. Suddenly everything is an attack on their feelings or their individuality--Kanye and Durst both seem to have victim complexes, and they don't realize that giving the media the tantrum it wants is what fuels the continued reputation.

ESTPs will stir up controversy for fun, not because they have anything to prove. Deep down they really don't give a shit what people say, as long as they're making an impact. When they get aggressive it's usually just Se looking for a good time the only way it knows how.

When Durst goes on a rant, he's genuinely upset/personally hurt by whatever the most recent accusation about his character or music or credibility is. His "YEAH WHATEVER FUCK 'EM I DON'T CARE I'M A GANGSTA I'M SO IMPERVIOUS TO THIS THAT I DON'T EVEN CARE IF YOU THINK I SUCK HAHAH A I CARE SOOOOO LITTLE FUCK THE HATERS I DON'T CARE" is pretty clearly a poorly executed imitation of that "whatever, fuck 'em!" ESTP response to criticism that helps him appear less vulnerable.

He's certainly learned to use certain aspects of ESTP behavior in order to be a successful rock frontman, but he really strikes me as a true ENFP.
Fred Durst

Other interesting things to back my theory up

Linkin Park:
Chester Bennington: ENFP type 7
Mike Shinoda :ENFJ
Joe Hahn: INFP

Hollywood Undead:
Johnny 3 Tears: ENFP type 7

And I'm sure the lead from bloodhound gang is ENFP 7 too:D

So yeah we make awesome music hahahaha

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deadmau5 is an ENFP and he's an Electronic/Dumstep/Drum n Bass musician.

ENFPs are mostly about the way they express themselves through music and through words. They have a very big need to explain themselves and why they do X thing but also to express their feelings.

deadmau5 for example is easy to see because of his lifestreams and interviews.

This is his music:

Even the names of his albums (Like For Lack of a Better Name and insert album name here) sound very ENFPish to me.
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